Greetings from Og, My First Impressions

***Initial Transmission***  Star Date: 70833.3

My name is Ig and I’m from the planet Og, 4 wormholes from planet Earth in another galaxy.

I’m chairman of an expeditionary committee looking to find other planets with which we could develop mutually beneficial trade agreements. Earth seemed to be a likely candidate.

The ratio requirements of land mass to water; oxygen levels in the atmosphere, etc. seemed to meet all of our basic requirements. Importantly, evolution of life developed after several million years from single cell organisms to a point of intelligent, communicating mammals.

From our initial perspective earth looked like a perfect candidate. So we made the jump. What a disappointment!

The mammals call themselves humans, the highest species of life.
For some reason unknown to us they developed in different chains.                 Using their terminology, the main groups were Black, White, Latino, Asian, Native American. In many cases, each group had its own language, its own culture, and importantly its own religion.

I counted at least 5 different important gods and religions.

Jesus and the Christians,  Mohamed and the Islamist,                                                            Buddha and the Buddhists, Krishna and the Hindus,                                                                    Xenu and the Scientologists, etc.

Interestingly, all of the religions seemed to have been developed around a concept they call law.

One important and continuing example of this concept is ingrained in what the Catholic humans call the 10 Commandments. Apparently, the humans are born with behavioral traits that stray from what might be considered acceptable boundaries, which are identified by the 10 Commandments.

Thou shall not kill, thou shall not steal, thou shall not covet your neighbor’s wife. Etc.

Some of these Religions punish the violator with severe penalty like death by decapitation, etc.

Groups of these humans have evolved into groups at astonishingly different speeds. Those on the North American continent have developed and utilize technology i.e. the smart phone, the Internet, airline transportation, clean water, public sanitation systems, public transportation, etc.

Those on the African continent are years behind.

The current political system on the North American continent and in the United States is currently working on the concept of complete integration of all classes, colors, backgrounds.

In many parts of the world slavery in its worst form seems to exist without pressure to stop.

They have developed behavioral system which is seemingly designed to protect the many while punishing the few who break those laws. A few of those laws seem to violate common sense, a characteristic that few humans seem to enjoy.

For instance, being in possession of marijuana, a drug that was thought to be injurious to the person over the long-term, is breaking the law.

To protect that person, he or she is put into a building in which there are many cages and is called a prison. That is a protective measure hard to understand.

To regulate behavior and set rules of operation, they have established what they call governments. From my review of governmental action over the many years of record, I perceive they are operated by a group of employees, many of whom are quite incompetent, lack full knowledge of what their objectives are, but are yet protected by rules and regulations from dismissal.

In some ways the humans are very sophisticated. In America, for instance, they have developed what they call ‘parties’. There are Democrats, and there are Republicans. The history for these names is unimportant.

I may be wrong but the Democrats, sometimes called Liberal, seem to be in favor of the poor uneducated, working-class, multi-ethnic, Black, Latinos, Asians and etc.

The Republicans, GOP called moderates, seem to favor the rich, the educated, quite religious.  They consider whatever benefits the poor get from the government as “entitlements”.

In many ways these humans are inconsistent in their operational environment.

A few examples:

  1. To own and operate a bicycle one must have a license
  2.  To own and take care of a small dog one must have a license.
  3.  To drive a vehicle called an automobile, one must have a license.

On the other hand to create a life, a 75 year probability at a cost in excess of $350,000 one does not need a license.  Wow!

As I pondered the nature of these humans I see many unfortunate characteristics in the  GOP.

  1. Greed. Republicans never seem to have enough. More & more seems to be their mantra.
  2.  Opportunistic.  The Republicans seem to have a unique sense of timing.
  3. Patronizing, if you are not intelligent, rich, and properly religious.  You are dirt.

Stay tuned for more of Ig’s Intergalactic Intel from the Planet Og.

***********End Transmission***********